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Create a wishlist

Get Lower Pricing

Create a wishlist, and calculate your discount. It's as easy as that.

How it Works

1) Select the products you want to add to your Wishlist. The “Add to wishlist” button is located on each of the individual product pages.

2) Once you’ve added the products you want, go to your My Wishlist page by clicking the View Wishlists button at the bottom of any Eco-pliant web page.

3) Modify and complete your wishlist by calculating your monthly purchase volume of each product. Then click “Ask for an estimate”. Enter your email info, and submit your request to our team for review!

Start your Wishlist

Helpful Hints

  1.  You can create as many wishlists as you want. Feel free to create them for specific categories. Or, if you have multiple restaurants, one for each location.

  2. Wishlists are available for everyone. In order to start your program, an Eco-pliant Membership is required. Don’t worry, they’re free, and you get tons of perks to go with it.

  3. Make sure you are estimating your monthly volume as accurately as possible. This ensures you get the best pricing.

  4. You can share these lists with anyone via email. If you are collaborating with team members, make sure to send your wishlist to them from the My Wishlists page!