Customer Questions and Answers – Can Liners and Garbage Bags

Question: Are the can liners compostable?

Answer: It depends, please look at the Key Features section of each product page to determine which material the can liners are made from. This will determine whether the can liner is compostable or recyclable.

Question: What are the can liners made out of?

Answer: The can liners are made from various materials including PLA/biopolymer film, low-density polyethylene (plastic), or high-density polyethylene (also plastic). We have an assortment of can liner materials, colors, and sizes to meet any need you have.

Question: Are the can liners strong enough to hold heavy garbage?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. Our can liners are high tensile strength, and thick enough to handle the heavy stuff.

Question: What sizes of can liners are available?

Answer: We have a variety of sizes available, that are designed to fit their function in the workplace. The most common sizes are: 13 gallon can liners are your standard tall kitchen bin liner, while 33 gallon liners are designed for larger applications like restaurant kitchens and on-set at film shoots. 45 gallon can liners are for the industrial applications and will hold the most amount of garbage, usually used in the large trash bins you’d find in a hotel or high-volume commercial kitchen.

Question: How do I know which liner to use for each application?

Answer: If you have any questions regarding the use of a can liner, to make sure you are using the right trash bag for the right job, please reach out to us and we’d be happy to help you find the right bag. Lots of cities and towns are enforcing strict garbage collection rules, and having the correct collection set-up at your facility is the best way to keep yourself compliant with new regulations. Feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.

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