Customer Questions and Answers – Fiber Bowls

Question: Are the fiber bowls and lids compostable?

Answer: Yes, the bowls and lids in this collection are all 100% compostable. They will break down in a commercial composting facility in 2 to 4 months.

Question: What are the fiber bowls and lids made out of?

Answer: All of the fiber bowls and their fiber lids are made out of a combination of natural fibers. Sugarcane bagasse, wheatgrass, bamboo, and silver grass are all potential components of our fiber bowls. Depending on where the material is sourced, it may be a combination of different fibers. This is what gives the fiber products their beautiful natural color!

Question: Are the fiber bowls and lids freezer safe?

Answer: Yes, all of the fiber bowls are absolutely safe for the freezer. Fiber products hold up well in the freezer if needed.

Question: Can I put the bowls or lids in the microwave?

Answer: Yes, you can heat the bowls and/or lids in the microwave as you need. These products are great for taking home leftovers and reheating in the microwave.

Question: How long will food last in the fiber bowls?

Answer: This varies depending on climate, atmosphere, type of food, and more. The biggest factor is temperature. If the food is piping hot, the fiber bowl will start its biodegradation process right away and wilt after a few hours. For slightly warm or room temp foods, the bowl will hold for up to a week, even longer in some cases.

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