Customer Questions and Answers – Hot Cups and Lids

Question: How can I tell if the cups and/or lids are eco-friendly?

Answer: Each product has its compostable or recyclable designation on its individual product page. You can find this info under the “At a Glance” section, or the “Key Features” section of the product pages.

Question: What are the cups made out of?

Answer: Hot cups are made from various types of paper. In some cases, cups are made from regular tree paper. This is the most common type of paper cup and they are certified FSC safe. Some cups are made from Tree-Free paper. This means they are made from a different raw material that is more renewable, like bamboo paper or sugarcane paper. This information will be listed on the product pages.

Question: What is the liner on the inside of the cup made out of?

Answer: Hot cups have a protective liner on the inside in order to keep the cup from leaking. It also keeps the paper on the outside from getting soggy. Compostable hot cups use a bio-polymer liner, most likely PLA or PBAT. Recyclable cups use a PET liner.

Question: Can I put the cups in the microwave to heat up my drink?

Answer: Yes, you can heat the cups in the microwave as you need. We recommend not putting the lid in the microwave, because if it’s a compostable lid it may deform, depending how long it’s in there.

Question: Do cups come with coffee sleeves or some other protective sleeve?

Answer: Cups do not come with coffee sleeves but you can purchase them separately. The matching coffee sleeves can be found in the Related Products section at the bottom of the product page.

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