Customer Questions and Answers – PET Containers

Question: Are the PET bowls and/or lids compostable?

Answer: No, the PET bowls and lids in this collection are not compostable. However, PET is the most common form of plastic and is widely recyclable. PET has a great recycling ratio of near 1:1.

Question: What are the PET bowls and lids made out of?

Answer: All of the bowls and lids in this collection are made from PET, a common and sustainable plastic. Learn more about PET here.

Question: Are the PET bowls and lids freezer safe?

Answer: Yes, PET bowls and containers are freezer-safe. PET is a strong, durable plastic that is hearty enough to last in the freezer. PET lids are commonly used in commercial kitchen applications.

Question: Can I put the PET bowls, containers, or lids in the microwave?

Answer: We do not recommend putting plastic in the microwave, however, it is acceptable in some cases at short periods of time. For high heat applications, we recommend using a CPET, Polypropylene, or Polystyrene product.

Question: How long will food last in the PET containers?

Answer: This varies depending on climate, atmosphere, type of food, and more. PET will keep food fresh, provided that the temperature and atmosphere of where the container is kept meets the criteria for PET material. A refrigerator, a cabinet (for dry foods), and dry storage are all acceptable places to use a PET container. Do not store PET containers in high heat setting.

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