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Customer Questions and Answers – PHA Straws

Question: Are the PHA straws compostable?

Answer: Yes, all of our PHA straws are compostable in both compost and landfill. PHA drinking straws will biodegrade in 60-120 days, depending on their end-of-life disposal method.

Question: Will PHA straws get soggy in my drink?

Answer: PHA straws will never get soggy in your drink, and are backed by our “Never Soggy Promise”.This means you get a strong drinking straw that will never get soggy, and is also more sustainable than paper because of its raw material. Make sure you are choosing high-quality drinking straws as not all straws are created equally!

Question: What sizes of PHA straws are available?

Answer: We have a variety of different sizes for any drink application. 5.75″ straws are perfect for short cocktail glasses. 7.75″ length PHA straws are great for your standard pint glass used for sodas, juices, or tea.

Question: Do I need to use a wrapped straw for my business?

Answer: Rules are different in every city. For example, in New York you are required to use wrapped drinking straws when serving a customer in a foodservice establishment. Our recommendation is to contact your local Office of Environment for more information regarding the rules in your location. The good news is that we have wrapped straws available in several colors and sizes.

Question: Can I custom print the PHA straws with my logo?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. We can custom print on the wrapper of the PHA straws. Minimum orders start at 2 pallets, or around 300,000 straws.

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