Customer Questions and Answers – PLA Lids

Question: Are PLA lids compostable? #

Answer: Yes, the PLA lids are 100% compostable. The PLA lids are compostable in 2 to 4 months in a commercial composting environment.

Question: What are PLA lids made out of? #

Answer: PLA lids are made from a material called Polylactic Acid. Although it is a complex bio-polymer, simply put, PLA is derived from corn. This is what gives PLA its bio-based nature. Manufacturers run natural molecules from corn through a process that creates a fully compostable, and very functional bio-plastic.

Question: Are PLA lids freezer safe? #

Answer: No, the PLA lids do not perform well in the freezer. Customers have reported PLA lids getting brittle and cracking when exposed to freeing temperatures. It is recommended to put containers with PLA lids in the refrigerator instead of the freezer.

Question: Can you microwave PLA lids? #

Answer: No, PLA lids are not designed to be microwaved. They will warp and become unusable if put in the microwave for too long.

Question: Why would I use a PLA lid? #

Answer: PLA lids are a great way to showcase the food inside of your food boxes or containers. Because of their clear transparency, hungry customers can see right through to the food and make their decision to purchase. Also, it’s useful to have a clear lid behind the food production line so employees can identify what is inside of the container.

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