Customer Questions and Answers – Towel and Tissue

Question: Are paper towels and tissue paper compostable?

Answer: Yes, the towel and tissue products in this category are 100% compostable because they are made from the natural fibers of either plants or trees. In most cases, they are made from recycled content paper as well.

Question: Are the towel and tissue products recyclable?

Answer: It depends, if the paper towels or napkins are heavily soiled, it’s best to put them in the landfill bin. Not to worry, the paper will break down in a reasonable amount of time in the landfill, as it’s made from natural sources.

Question: What is the difference between the white and brown kraft colored paper products?

Answer: The only difference between the white and the brown kraft paper products is the personal preference of the business brand or decision maker. The white color is achieved by a safe bleach used to remove the natural brown color of the paper during manufacturing.

Question: Can I custom print or put my logo on the napkins?

Answer: Yes, you can custom print your logo on the napkins. Minimums orders start around 50,000 napkins. This is about 10 cases of products. One-time art fees may apply as well.

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