Invoices and Payments

What payment options are available? #

At Eco-pliant, we offer several payment options to fit our customers needs. We understand that some customers need flexibility in their purchasing to help operate their business, so we offer the different payment options in order to meet that need.

Invoices #

Invoices will be sent as soon as an order is placed on our website, or if an order is placed manually by one of our team members. Customers will receive an email with the invoice and corresponding information including:

  • Due date
  • Amount due
  • Product SKUs/Descriptions
  • Taxes (if applicable)
  • Online payment link
  • Notes about your order

*Please note* – even if you have paid for your order via credit card or other payment method, you will receive an invoice. If payment is made at the time of order, your invoice should read “Paid”. If it does not read “Paid”, or you believe there to be another error, please reach out to our team via the Support Center and complete a Support Ticket.

Customers have the option to pay the invoice directly online via bank transfer.

Credit Cards #

Customers may choose to pay with a credit card at the time of order with no added fee or surcharge. Or, customers may pay via credit card at the time their invoice is due. It is important to note that a fee of 3.5% will be added to an invoice with payment terms, should you choose to pay with a credit card at the due date. For example, if you are a Member and have Net 15 payment terms, and after 15 days you choose to pay with a credit card, a 3.5% fee will be added onto the full amount of your invoice to cover card processing fees. Please make sure payments are made on time with the correct payment type (bank transfer or check) so we do not have to add the processing surcharge.

I’d like to setup an account on terms, what should I do? #

Customers who would like to setup an account on terms may do so by completing the Member Signup form. Once this form is completed, an Eco-pliant team member will reach out to begin the onboarding process and get you set up with a Membership.

I have a question about my invoice, what do i do? #

If you have a question about your invoice bill, we are happy to help out. Please go to the Support Center page, and fill out a Support Ticket so one of our team members can be assigned to the ticket.

I lost my invoice #

If you cannot find your invoice, we can send you a duplicate copy at any time. Just reach out to us with the order number and we’ll get you fixed up in no time!

Invoice Payment Reminders #

Invoice payment reminders are automatic and will send frequently throughout the purchasing journey. Each order is accompanied by its own invoice. To keep you in the loop on due dates, we send reminder emails to the account email to ensure on time payment. The usual cadence for reminder emails is as follows:

  1. Invoice sent to customer at time of order
  2. Invoice reminder email, sent 4 days prior to due date
  3. Invoice reminder email, sent 1 day prior to due date
  4. Past due invoice email, sent 3 days after due date
  5. Past due invoice email, sent 4 days after due date
  6. Past due invoice email, sent 7 days after due date
  7. Past due and late fee email, sent 13 days after due date.

Late Fees #

Eco-pliant reserves the right to charge late fees on consistently late and/or delinquent payments. We provide payment terms as a value-added service for Members to have flexibility in their supplies purchasing. In some cases, late fees are needed to ensure timely payments so we can focus on serving you to the fullest.

Late fees will accrue on past due amounts that are more than 14 days past due. The fee will start at 5% of the total order, and continue to accrue interest at 5% every 30 days until the invoice is paid in full.

The last thing we want to do is charge late fees to our customers. Please make sure payments are made on time and in full, according to your account.

Accounts receivable contact #

If you have questions regarding your account or payments, and would like to speak with our accounting team, please contact Keala Burks at

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