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Fiber Bowls and Lids

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Fiber Bowls and Lids

Our Product are both 100% compostable and FDA-approved

Fiber bowls are compostable and recyclable to breakdown safely for the health and sustainability of the environment. After use, recyclable fiber bowls break down and compost themselves back into the earth’s environment when disposed of properly. Plastic bowls don’t break down safely (or without damage). Plastic food packaging materials end up polluting our beaches and oceans and hurting our wildlife with a long-lasting impact.

Get rid of one-use plastic items in your business, beginning with serving bowls. You will see a difference in sustainability and the earth, and your customers will thank you.

Compostable Serving Bowls

A Wide Variety of Compostable Serving Bowls for Each Business Need

Your business can go green with a wide inventory of compostable fiber bowls. They are useable for soups or salads, including a square compostable bowl option, bullet recyclable bowls, a specific soup biodegradable bowl, and grain fiber bowls. The biodegradable bowl option is great for catering jobs, delivery to your customers at home, or as a take-out option when finishing the meal in-house just was not going to happen.

Eco-pliant offers such a wide variety of compostable salad bowl design because we always want your business to have a sustainable option that fits your needs. Fiber bowls are perfect for smaller cafes to large catering events. We deliver nationwide, and with eight warehouses around the country, you can be sure you’ll get your compostable fiber bowls in a matter of days.

New: Don’t delay, order your compostable supplies today, and make the switch to environmentally friendly packaging!

Biodegradable Soup Bowl

Fiber Bowls that Give Back to the Community

No matter if you are serving lunch or providing a take-away option for dinner, give your customers an eco-friendly option. That’s right, the eco-pliant business plan is not just about providing fiber bowls to businesses across America - we are also about giving back to communities and the local efforts that are working to clean up our environment. A biodegradable soup bowl option for your business is not just about switching from plastic, it is about showing customers you're serious about your business's sustainability mission.

You can contact us to learn more about our ordering and pricing options for larger companies. Keep each meal fresh and delivered safely in our reliable biodegradable soup bowls. Read more about us and our products on our FAQ or contact us for more information on any product. We have positive solutions for every need, guaranteed.