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Fiber Clamshell Containers

Fiber clamshell containers are a great compostable option for cafés and restaurants. The strong biodegradable fibers make this container ideal for both hot and cold foods like salads, tacos, and rice. The clamshell container is reinforced with ridges to hold even the heaviest foods like rice or stews. The container’s fibers are also heat-pressed and sealed so they can hold liquids for several hours without losing their structural integrity. These are the most eco-friendly clamshell containers on the market and are perfect for any business looking for biodegradable containers.

What Are Fiber Clamshell Containers Made Of?

The exact composition of the container can vary depending on the raw material sourced at the time of production, but generally, each container is composed of sugarcane fibers, wheatgrass, bamboo, and silver grass. These fibers give the clamshell container its natural-looking color.

Can I Store Liquids In Fiber Clamshell Containers?

YES! If you need to store a soup or a stew, we recommend looking at our fiber bowls and lids. However, if you serve wet food like rice, rest assured that our containers can easily handle the moisture for several hours.

How Quickly Do Fiber Containers Decompose?

Ultimately this depends on what sort of environment the container ends up in. However, a compostable fiber container can fully decompose in two to four months.

Why Should I Use Fiber Containers?

Fully compostable containers are starting to become the rule rather than the exception. Emissions and environmental regulations will soon require businesses to adopt green measures like using biodegradable takeout containers.

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