Compostable Food Trays

Variety of Compostable Food Boxes & Food Trays


Eco-pliant supplies a variety of compostable food trays, to-go containers, and securing fiber lids for any food delivery or eco-friendly catering business needs you to have.


Our fiber food trays vary in sizes, with options for 1 to 3 compartments, and they can be ordered as a shallower compostable food tray or a deeper recyclable food container box. You have greener options with Eco-pliant fiber containers.


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Fiber Food Trays

Fiber Food Trays - BPI Certified Biodegradable Food Trays  

Each fiber food trays from eco-pliant are BPI certified to breakdown safely after its use while staying durable during transport and holding food reliably without any spills, leaks, or messes. Our fiber containers work hard when needed and then leave no lasting impression on the earth’s environment.


Takeout Food Containers

Looking for a Big Variety of Takeout Food Containers?  

Our fiber food trays have options for one, two, or three compartments. Each and every compostable food trays we offer also has an optional fiber lid that fits securely for the best food storage during transport. Optional lids make our fiber food trays the perfect food container for caters, hospitals, company picnics outside, and more. We offer such a large variety of takeout food containers as take out container solutions for hospitals, catering companies, restaurants, and more.


Disposable Food Trays

Biodegradable Food Containers for Hospitals, Caterers, and More  

Eco-pliant sources and sells only the highest quality certified biodegradable food containers. Each fiber container and disposable food trays are BPI-certified and FDA approved. Sustainability, reliability, and healthy options are all found in our compostable food tray varieties. Our compostable food trays with fiber lids have a secure locking mechanism to ensure freshness with each meal you deliver. From catering jobs to hospital disposable food tray needs, our products handle it all, even the delivery ride over to your customers. Our biodegradable containers of food, for both the health of our earth and for the satisfaction of your customers.


The eco-pliant mission is to save the earth by replacing single-use plastic items one at a time, and we want you to be a part of that mission. Customers are watching that their local businesses are using fiber food trays. Stop waiting on making a much-needed change -- the earth needs us, your clients are watching, and we have what you need. If you are wondering about pricing for large orders for your business, give us a call. We handle large orders for businesses like hospitals, caters, and large restaurants all the time, while smaller cafes and bars even find great use for smaller sized orders from us.


Biodegradable Containers for Food


Contact us for more information about biodegradable containers for food or read our FAQ to learn about how we started and what our mission for success looks like across the country. Eco-pliant began by delivering single paper straws, and now we are all about sustainability in the food industry. Trust us to deliver takeout food containers to you because for us it is not a movement, it is about the future of every tomorrow for our planet. Shop now for the biodegradable containers for food delivery.