Compostable Fiber Tableware

Compostable Fiber Tableware for On-site Dining, Catering, Events, Backyard Parties, and more!

Eco-pliant’s selection of high-quality fiber tableware is durable, rigid, and features an artisan look that instantly elevates the dish placed on it. Our tableware products are made from a combination of bamboo, sugarcane, and wheatgrass. It’s then pressurized with over 15 tons of pressure to create one strong fiber plate!

We stand by our fiber tableware to hold up against grease, hot foods, and whatever else you can put on these plates. All 100% compostable, these products are designed to be strong. Nobody likes a soggy plates, or worse, a spill. Rest assured you are getting only high-quality compostable tableware products from Eco-pliant!

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