Food Delivery Bag


When you have a food delivery, stop trying to stuff all of the meals into a non-recyclable, flimsy plastic bag to hand off to your customer. Instead, a paper bag is now an option for you — durable, better for the earth, and it comes in a variety of sizes.


No matter if customers are ordering for one or catering their office holiday party, eco-pliant supplies the perfect food delivery bag you need that is sustainable and protects the earth. If you contact us, Eco-pliant can also customize your paper bag to include your company’s logo or slogan, so your brand is part of the eco-friendly delivery, every time.


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Durable Paper Bag


A paper to-go bag from Eco-pliant comes in a variety of sizes for you to choose from. One to two meals fit perfectly in the Bistro and Jr. Mart paper take out bag, while larger catering orders were made to go into the Regal take out paper bag.


A paper take out bag is not just a better option for the earth, it is also a much more durable product than your standard plastic delivery bag. Any food delivery bag that you provide to your customers should be large enough to fit their meal, utensils, napkins, and sauces; remain sturdy during transportation.


Plastic delivery bags are not only bad for the earth, but they also don’t fit many of the requirements listed above for a convenient food delivery bag. A paper bag, however, comes in a variety of sizes to fit a single dessert order to several entrees and sides for a family’s dinner or an office’s lunch celebration. A paper bag is also much more sturdy and holds up to any spills or jostling that may occur. The best part of a paper bag for your food delivery is how easy it is to open and then dispose of. A delivery paper bag is easy to open, and then easy to fold away and place into the recycling bin.


Stop giving your clients a food delivery bag that they have to rip open and then cut up to dispose of. Order a paper delivery bag option instead, and find the ease of packing, delivering and disposing of.


Paper Take Out Bag


Each purchase from Eco-pliant, including our delivery paper take out bag selections, includes a donation from each sale going to local community efforts to clean up our environment. The mission of eco-pliant was to remove one-use plastic items from the inventory of food businesses across the nation. Going green with a paper bag is not just about a small change in your industry, it is about a larger change impacting efforts across the nation to clean up our earth for a better tomorrow.


Plus, with Eco-pliant, you can receive your paper bag shipment in just a few short days. We’ve grown from a small business to having five warehouses across America, all ready to deliver your products to you so you can switch away from plastic bags and go green instead. Browse our inventory, read our FAQ for more information on our mission, and contact us about bulk ordering and adding your logo to your delivery paper bag purchase. We are here for you, and together we can make greener earth for more sustainable living.