Our Actions & Efforts in the Community


Our actions- Jimmy

I volunteer for Surfrider and Save the Bay, buy all my groceries from Imperfect Produce to help with food waste, volunteer for One Love Foundation, founded Widespread Hope Foundation.


Also helped lead the effort for Google to remove plastic water bottles. Eco-pliant also partners directly with SF Environment.


our actions- Karine

I used to volunteer for Sustainable Works which inspired me in July 2019 to create an organization named Plastic Rehab. Its mission is to help educate the community on plastic pollution. I keep informed on the latest developments and read the long reports to have the correct knowledge to share.


Within Plastic Rehab, we have a program that helps restaurant owners be greener at no cost. One of our 2020 goals is to work with schools.


our actions
  • I volunteer for SF Surfrider
  • I volunteered last year 4 the WE CHARITIES, which helps empower youth thru social and emotional learning. (I was on National TV as part of the program)
  • I have volunteered many hours for Ride A Wave, which allows physically challenged and underserved kids kayak, boogie board and surf for a day.
  • I brought a whole truckload of food, clothing and gift cards to Paradise fire victims.
  • Pick up plastic wrappers on the soccer pitch, every time I play
  • Educate my friends & family about the problems with single-use plastics
  • I give whole blood and apheresis
  • I use my own nut containers and bags at the grocery stores.
  • If I buy coffee, I use my own mug


our actions- Anna

Iā€™m very active with Surfrider Foundation in San Francisco and beyond. My focus is raising awareness of single-use plastics ā€“ including straws, disposable utensils, to-go ware and cups, as well as plastic shotgun wads. You can see the initiative we started a year ago to track shotgun wads in the wild here . In one years time volunteers have tracked roughly 50,000 wads globally. You can see the wads I pick up on my Instagram feed.


I volunteer closely with the Ocean Friendly Restaurants team in San Francisco and have been successful in getting many bars, restaurants and hospitals to either switch to paper straws, or eliminate straws entirely.


On a very local level, my neighborhood groups have sponsored 45 cigarette butt containers and have shipped hundreds of pounds of cigarette butt waste to TerraCycle for recycling.


Our actions-Andrew

I’m an active Surfrider volunteer and outdoor junkie. Every time I go to the beach or into the woods I take part in the Take 3 initiative, where you find 3 pieces of garbage and take them to a proper garbage container. Collectively, small wins like that add up to a ton of progress. If I’m not making my own coffee at home I’m using a reusable mug or spending money with businesses that choose sustainable practices! Pay for a single-use bag at the store? No thanks I always have my own!