Paper Deli Containers + Lids

Compostable Paper Deli Containers and Lids for Sauces, Soups, Ice Cream, and more!

This container is a staple for almost any food business. Used by its namesake, the deli, for decades as the best way to package those delicious menu items that need a secure fitting lid for transport. Now, you have an eco-friendly deli container option for the job. Made in the same sizes and shapes of the popular plastic deli containers, this paper option is 100% compostable, PFA-free, and will break down into compost when discarded the proper way.

Eco-pliant’s selection of compostable paper deli containers ranges from 8oz – 32oz, so you can find the right size(s) for your business and menu portions.

With two lid options: a PLA/bio-polymer lid and a bagasse fiber lid; now you have tons of versatility when serving food.
Need to keep pre-made food under heat? Choose the fiber lid. The fiber lid also has that nice “snap” on closure.

The PLA lid is NOT microwaveable and recommended for cold foods only!

Any questions? We’re always here to help!

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