Unwrapped Paper Straws: Black & White Paper Cocktail Straws in Bulk


Our paper cocktail straws come in black, white, or red and white striped. They are all unwrapped, easy to slip into a drink and handoff to a customer without any fumbling or extra waste. You can buy in bulk and will receive promised, fast shipping, so there is no waiting around for your new products.

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Trust our Aardvark Paper Straws for Your Bar


If you run a bar or host a wide variety of cocktail specials to serve at your restaurant, let us supply you with trusted, durable Aardvark paper straws for cocktails. Cocktail paper straws are 5.75”, the perfect height for an Old-fashioned, Moscow Mule, or whatever special you have created in-house.


Paper Straws that are USA Made


Paper cocktail straws from Aardvark straws are durable, long-lasting, and only break down once they are in the compost. Everything we stock, straws made in the USA, BPI certified, and FDA approved. Browse our selection to find the perfect fit for your business.


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