Unwrapped Paper Straws: Striped Straws and White Paper Straws in Bulk


Unwrapped paper straws are durable, colorful, and come in a variety of lengths for any of your business needs! Our unwrapped compostable straws are made in the USA and are BPI certified. Paper straws are durable in drinks and soft for composting after use, so you can trust them to satisfy your customers and assist the environment.


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Black and White Striped Straws, Colors, and a Variety of Lengths


Our variety of unwrapped straws can be ordered both in 7.75” paper straws bulk orders, or 10” paper straws bulk orders. We supply black paper straws, white paper straws, black and white striped paper straws, blue and white striped paper straws, and red striped straws. Brands available for order include Aardvark paper straws or sea straws.


Go-Green with Compostable Straws


Add a bit of color or stick to a classic black or white look, but either way, make your business eco-friendly and greener with our paper straw products. Straws made in USA and BPI-certified.


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