Reasons Why You Should Buy Paper Straws


Eco-pliant sells paper straws to restaurants, bars, hotels, hospitals, and caterers nationwide.  A portion of every sale is donated to local environmental non-profits, so your purchase proactively gives back to the communities that help you thrive!

1.  They Are Better For The Environment Than Plastic Straws


Let’s start with the most obvious.  It is no secret that plastic straws can be harmful to the environment.  According to Aardvark Straws, 500 million plastic straws are used every day in the United States.  Since plastic straws aren’t biodegradable, much of that plastic ends up in the oceans, which pollutes the water and can harm the animals in the sea.  Back in 2015, a marine biologist extracted a virtually unrecognizable plastic straw crammed up the nostril of a live and (very uncomfortable) sea turtle. It’s garnered more than 30.7 million views on YouTube alone.

2.  There Is A Growing Trend Away From Plastic Straws


By 2018, most major companies, multiple American cities, and even Tom Brady have pledged to stop using plastic straws.  Many cities have passed plastic straw bans due to the abundance of straws being dumped into the ocean and causing harm to the environment. The first US city to ban straws, Seattle, also banned plastic utensils as well.  This huge movement is being noticed by the masses and there’s no reason to believe it will fade.


Also in 2018, HUGE news was announced when Starbucks pledged to rid of plastic straws by 2020.  Starbucks, who currently has around 28,000 locations worldwide, has the ability to influence other restaurants of any size to follow suit.  With this plan, Starbucks estimates they will eliminate the use of 1 billion plastic straws per year.